Cruising Barcelona makes cycling a real experience!
Being locals, we know almost everything about Barcelona and we love sharing our passion for this city with others. Not only will we take you to Barcelona’s main attractions, but also to unknown treasures that are surely worth seeing. So with us no fixed route; we will go to the places that YOU would like to see! We know our way about, and can tell you where you can get the best lunches or dinners, the best cava and which of the quiet churches are worth visiting. If we believe the guests we’ve shown around, the cycle tour we offered was the highlight of their holiday in Barcelona.
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Choose from more than 50 different models
Before the tour begins you can choose your own bike. We have cruisers in a sorts of colors but also city bikes, bikes for kids, e-bikes, even a tandem.
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The nicest guides
We have guides that speak a variety of languages, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Russian. Aside from knowing the interesting history, architecture and culture, they’ll also tell you the best places to get the best tapas.
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Super comfortable seats
All our bike have original Electra bicycle company seats, the most comfortable you’ll ever find.
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Seen on Dutch TV
Sander from the Dutch tv show Campinglife discovered Barcelona with us.
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Now, also e-bikes
If you want or need an ebike during a tour, no problem. just let us know when you book a tour and we’ll have one ready for you.
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5 star rating on
It’s easy for us to tell you how much fun it is to join one of our tours but when people that actually did the tour explain, it has a lot more value. check our tripadvisor page why we won the certificate of excellence 4 years in a row. 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!

original tour

You will sightsee under the guidance of an English speaking tour guide in a group of at most 14 persons. We will take you to Barcelona’s highlights but also to less known beautiful places in Barcelona. Not always needed to book this tour in advance, but it is recommended*. Book now, or drop by and register! You’ll find the date and times of this tour on the reserve page

private tour

This tour is unparalleled! Tour the city together with your family, friends or colleagues with your personal guide. Just tell us what you would like to see and your tour guide will map out a nice route geared to your preferences. If you have no idea where you would like to go, just let us surprise you! Tell us what day and what time suits you best. You can keep the bike for the rest of the day to explore the city without extra charge!**

super deluxe tour

For the real Spanish look and feel, you can book a private super-deluxe tour! Touring Barcelona together with your personal guide, you tell us what you would like to see. This tour is different from the usual tours in that there is a halfway stop for tasting delicious tapas and enjoying a glass of cava (Spanish Champaign). And we will have another one at our shop when the tour is finished.
No matter which tour you select, you will always cruise on the super comfortable and stylish coolest beach bikes, and your tour guide speaks English. All our tours start at one of our two Turbo bike rentals shops in Barcelona, where the tour also ends. The beach cruisers can be equipped with a child’s seat to let children from the age of 9 months participate safely in the tour. *Daily at 11:00 a.m. We recommend that you book in advance as days and times may vary. ** If you want to take the beach cruiser for the day after the tour, we will ask a deposit of € 200,- or ask you to leave your driving license or passport, which will stay in our safe until you return.
What do people say about us on Tripadvisor
This was a fabulous tour. We were just the 2 of us and Thomas made it custom for us! We saw all of Barcelona, some great places, and found out where to go back to. Loved it and the bikes were great.
“Excellent experience for touring with friends!”
I booked this bike tour for friends who travelled from the UK. Turns out I joined the tour myself to keep them company and it was so fun! Although I live in Barcelona many years now, I've experienced it in a different way and got some information that was useful for the city's history!Great guide too!
Highly Recommended
“Perfect way to learn about Barcelona!”
We loved our private tour with Claudia. She made us feel comfortable and prepared for the tour before we took off and stopped at all the sights we wanted to see. We learned many things about Barcelona and loved seeing the beautiful sights on bikes. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the city for the first time - we had a blast!
“Top tour”
Thoroughly enjoyable and informative tour. We were led by Claudia and she was both knowledgeable and great company. We have taken bike tours in a number of European cities and this one has been the best so far.
The bikes are comfortable and effective at the same time. Top work from a great Dutch team in a superb city.
“Fun and informative”
The best way to see the sites. We biked all over the city including La Rambla, and saw a lot of the city's famous architecture. We biked all the way to the beach and were able to go into the Mediterranean. It is a must do attraction.
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LUXURY TRAVEL GUIDE's : Bike tour operator of the year 2017

prices bike tours

original tour



kids 9 to 14 years
kids up to 8 years

private tour

2 adults


3 to 6 adults


7 to 10 adults


11 or more adults


kids 9 to 14 years
kids up to 8 years

super deluxe tour

2 adults


3 to 6 adults


7 to 10 adults


11 or more adults


kids 9 to 14 years
kids up to 8 years
All above mentioned prices are per person and payment is in Euros and covers the guide’s bike and a bottle of water for you on the road. The rates of the private super-deluxe tour include the tapas and refreshment [or glass of cava] halfway the tour, plus a glass of cava upon arriving at the shop.

Ask for our special rates for bigger groups (16 persons or more). We have special prices for educational institutes. Feel free to ask for a no-obligation quote.

When you take a private or super-deluxe tour you can keep the bike free of charge for the rest of the day.To rent a bike we need a passport, driving license, ID-card or 200 euros in cash as a deposit.

It is possible to book a private tour with less than 2 adults (for instance 1 adult and 1 child) the minimum price however for a private tour is 56,- euro. The minimum price for a super deluxe tour is 84,- euro. For the use of an e-bike during the tour we charge 8 euros extra per e-bike.

You’ll find us here

We have 2 locations in Barcelona, ‘Turbo Ramblas’ and ‘Turbo Gràcia’. When you book a private tour or a super deluxe tour, you can choose where you’d like to start from. English spoken original tours start from our ‘Turbo Ramblas’ location in the old centre. Renting a bike is possible at both shops, of course.
choose a location
Turbo Gràcia
c. Santa Tecla 7
08012 Barcelona
phone: (+34) 935 187 533
c. Santa Tecla 7, 08012 Barcelona, Spain
Turbo Ramblas
c. Jerusalem 32
08001 Barcelona
phone: (+34) 930 110 311
c. Jerusalem 32, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Turbo Ramblas · c. Jerusalem 32 · Barcelona

To Turbo Ramblas on foot
When you’re on the Ramblas, it’s easy to find our shop. Look for the main entrance of the famous market ‘La Boquería’ and walk straight through. On the other end there’s a square, on the right hand side of it there’e a little street. It’s right there. Sundays, when the market is closed the easiest way is to walk into ‘carrer de Carme’ take the second small street on the left.
By metro
Our shop is really close to metrostop ‘Liceu’, of line 3, the green line. From here follow the instruction above ‘On foot’ and you can’t miss it. Of course you can always give us a call if you can’t find it.
By taxi
Taxis are a very affordable alternative to public transport in Barcelona, and there are thousands of them driving around. You can hail the taxi if it has a green light on top. Tell the driver: “A la esquina las Ramblas con carrer de Carme, por favor”. from the Ramblas, walking down carrer de Carme, it’s the second little street on the left.

Turbo Gràcia · c. Santa Tecla 7 · Barcelona

To Turbo Gràcia on foot
If your accommodation is within walking distance from our place, then we advise you to walk. The easiest way is to look for the crossing of 'Avinguda Diagonal' with 'Passeig de Gracia'. At this crossing, look at the building that has the sign 'Hoteles Catalonia' on it's front. Walk into this street and take the second street on your left, Santa Tecla, where our shop is. If you can’t find us, just call us.
By metro
Our shop is close to the metro line. Line 3 – the green line – stops at 'Diagonal'. This metro is only three stops away from the Ramblas. Metro line 5 – the blue line – also stops nearby, but is a bit further away. Exit the metro at 'Diagonal' and walk to the crossing of 'Avinguda Diagonal' with 'Passeig de Gracia’, and find the building with 'Hoteles Catalonia' on top of its front. Walk into this street and the Santa Tecla is the second street on your left.
By taxi
Taxis are a very affordable alternative to public transport in Barcelona, and there are thousands of them driving around. You can hail the taxi if it has a green light on top. Tell the driver: “A la esquina Corsega con Pau Claris, por favor”, and the driver will let you out at the beginning of our street. Take the street that has the sign ‘Bingo’ and take two more steps, and you will face our shop.

Metro line 3 (the green line)

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Rent a bike and discover Barcelona by yourself!

Create your own adventure and ride for hours, days or even longer on a comfortable, cool bike that fits your style and needs. Choose from all the different original Electra bicycle company® cruisers, city bikes, sports bikes or e-bikes. We also have custom built fixies and single speeds. Once you have selected your bike, we will send you off with a map and all kinds of tips about the city and what activities you can expect on your way. We know Barcelona like the back of our hands and we love to share our knowledge and the secret places with you.
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A pink one with flowers or black with flames, you’ll have a hard time choosing between all the different models. Once you have though, you’ll cruise through Barcelona in comfort and style.
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city bike

Made for riding in the city, these Electra Townies feature an upright position, lightweight aluminum frame and a bunch of gears. What else do you want?
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for kids

To ride our beach cruisers safely, you must be over 1.50 metres tall; for the kids we also have special beach cruisers with smaller (20 and 24-inch) wheels, and for the very small an array of child seats.
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Everyone can use a little help now and then. Our e-bikes will give you that extra push you need going uphill.
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As ex-bikemessengers we know why these bikes are so popular for riding in the city. No gears, no problems!
We have seats for babies from 9 months onward and seats for on the back of the bike for children up to 8 years of age and weighing not more than 35 kilos. It is compulsory for kids to wear a helmet when cycling, we have helmets in all shapes and sizes to let your children come along with you safely. When renting a bike, we ask a deposit of € 200,- or leave your passport or driving license with us which we will keep in our safe for you until you return the bike. All bikes come with a lock.

prices and policies

walking tours

Come and walk with us….We’ll dive into the old city and unveil its secrets. Walking through the old centre you’ll experience the years of fascinating history of Barcelona. Together we’ll explore hidden squares and trendy places. In two hours you’ll get to know the city the way the locals know it.
Every Friday and Saturday we start a ‘walk-in’ tour from our Turbo Ramblas shop at 3:00pm. Ofcourse you can also book a private walking tour at your own preferred time and day.

prices walking tours

contact us / who we are

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Mahrou & Dirk
Cruising Barcelona was initiated by a Dutch couple, Dirk and Mahrou. Mahrou has a bachelors degree in International Communication Management and worked as a consultant for a Dutch bank. Dirk studied at the academy of fine arts and started his first company ( Velocity bikemessengers ) in 1996.
In 2004 we decided to move from Arnhem, the Netherlands to Barcelona, Spain in search for adventure. Together we started Cruising Barcelona in the spring of 2005
By offering custom-made private tours and services on unique Electra beachcruiser bicycles, it's clear the emphasise is on quality and exclusivity.
Cruising Barcelona allows us to spread our passion for cycling, Barcelona and an active lifestyle, making our guests experience Barcelona in an unforgettable way.

Turbo Ramblas phone

(+34) 930 110 311

Turbo Gràcia phone

(+34) 935 187 533


SMS / Whatsapp

(+34) 671 548 124


Yes, you can. Book your private tour (super deluxe) for the day that suits you best, even for days on which a daily tour has been planned.
We are open 7 days a week, from 10 am to 8 pm.
When you have booked a private guided tour (super Deluxe) you tell us what time would suit you best and we’ll take this into account when planning the other tours.
Yes, you can! With more than 50 different models we will always have a bike to fit your style. A pink bike with blue flowers or a sturdy black one with hot flames; there is a whole range to choose from.
Guided bike tours take about 3 hours. We will criss-cross the city at a relaxed speed to have enough time for showing you many of Barcelona’s lovely places.
When you have booked your tour we would advise you to be at Cruising Barcelona’s shop 10 minutes in advance of the tour time. This gives you enough time to select a nice bike and we can still leave at the set time.
Yes, you can! We’d like to hear from you what you want to see, so that we can adapt the tour to your wishes.
Our guides are Dutch and Spanish, and they speak English fluently. Our guides can also guide tours in Dutch, Spanish, German or French.
Before we set out on a tour we will give you a bottle of water. We will also stop at a nice outdoor café for a coffee or some other refreshment.
How to pay for the tour?
You pay the fee after the tour. The tour ends at our Cruising Barcelona office and then you can pay with cash, or a credit/debit card.
No, it isn’t. Barcelona has become quite cycle-friendly in the last few years. The traffic may be more hectic than you are used to, but the number of cycle paths has increased and there are areas where you are allowed to cycle on the pavement.
Yes, you can! You may have a bike free of charge for the rest of the day after a private tour (super-deluxe). And if you have joined us for the daily tour, you can use the bike for € 4.- for the rest of the day. However, if you would like to take the bike after the tour we do need a deposit: either your passport, your ID card or your driving licence, or € 200 cash.
Children aged 10 or above (with a height of 1.50m) fit our usual cruisers and we also have super child’s cruisers with smaller wheels (24"). Furthermore, we can fit your bike with a front child seat for children from 9 months of age, and rear child seats for children up to 8 years of age (weighing not more than 35 kilos).
If you have the bad luck that it rains in Barcelona when you are there (but this does not happen often !!) we may make another appointment. But we do have ponchos for the unlikely event that it starts raining during a tour.

Turbo Ramblas
c. Jerusalem 32
08001 Barcelona
phone: (+34) 930 110 311

Turbo Gràcia
c. Santa Tecla 7
08012 Barcelona
phone: (+34) 935 187 533

Open daily
from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

SMS / WhatsApp (+34) 671 548 124

Cruising Barcelona bike tours and Turbo bike rentals Barcelona are trademarks of van El Perro Pijo S.L. · ES-B66322512 · Barcelona © 2016

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