Ride with your own private guide who customized the route beforehand in consultation with you, your family, friends or colleagues. You will decide yourself the tempo, what sights you wish to see and where, when and how long you want to take a rest. You may want to discover the (less) well-known modernistic architecture, the small alleys and squares of the old town centre or even Montjuïc in these three hours, all with your own guide. The choice is yours! If you have no idea, no problem, our creative guides will make your tour a fantastic experience.
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English speaking guide

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custom route

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free bottle of water

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choose your bike or e-bike

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3 hour tour

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English speaking guide

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custom route

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free bottle of water

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choose your bike or e-bike

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3 hour tour

When you arrive in our shop you can of course choose your own bicycle. We have all kinds of shapes and sizes of bikes, e-Bikes and child seats, so everyone can safely participate in the tour. Our unique bicycles of the Electra® brand are equipped with comfortable seats and many of them have a basket. Before starting the tour you get an explanation of the traffic and of course a bottle of water for on the go. Over the years Barcelona has become a bicycle-friendly city and there are more and more bike paths and we will always choose the safest routes.
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prices per person private tour

2 adults

bike 46,-

e-bike 56,-

3 adults

bike 36,-

e-bike 46,-

4 to 8 adults

bike 31,-

e-bike 41,-

9 or more adults

bike 27,-

e-bike 37,-

kids from 9 to 14 y/o: bike 16,- / e-bike 26,-

kids up to 8 y/o: bike of ebike(seat) 6,-

All prices are in Euro, per person and include: sales tax, guide, bike or Electra Townie® Go with pedal assist and of course a bottle of water.
To safely ride on an e-Bike you have to be approximately 1m50cm / 4ft9in. or taller
Kids up to 35 kilos / 77 pounds can join on a safety seat on the rear rack, kids up to 15 kilos / 33 pounds can join in a safety seat in the front.

questions ? just contact us !

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Cruising Barcelona Bike Tours
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tel. (+34) 935 187 533
c. Enric Granados 5, 08007 Barcelona
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c. Enric Granados 5 · 08007 Barcelona
phone: (+34) 935 187 533
sms / whatsApp (+34) 671 548 124
open daily from 9:30am to 8:00pm

private tour